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 Article list No 27 (article ID between 13001 and 13500)
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  13006  Steiger René Portraitartikel
  13008  sim121-portrait-web
  13028  geh117-portrait-web
  13052  sanitaet-0620-de-Renato Figi
  13054  sanitaet-0620-de-Thomas Fleischmann
  13056  sanitaet-0620-de-Evelyne_Aerne
  13062  sanitaet-0620-de-Oliver Nagel
  13066  sanitaet-0620-de-Bernhard Weisse
  13068  Luigi Brunetti
  13072  a131-0411-de-Publikationen 1990-1995
  13074  a131-0412-de-Publikationen 1996-2000
  13076  a131-0413-de-Publikationen 2001-2005
  13078  a131-0421-de-laufende F&E Projekt
  13080  a131-0422-de-abgeschlossene F&E Projekt
  13121  Shear strengthening of reinforced concrete with fibre reinforced plastic
  13131  kca134-portrait-web
  13153  Künniger Tina Portrait Artikel
  13204  NABEL Introduction
  13243  Effiziente Volumendigitalisierung mit adaptiver Computertomographie
  13251  Monitoring CFRP Reinforced Structures
  13253  Reliable Long-term Monitoring of CFRP Cables in Bridges
  13255  Long-term health monitoring of pavement deformations on an expressway
  13267  Grundlagen des Weichlötens
  13269  Measuring Sites
  13440  Kolumbien
  13442  Peru
  13446  Marokko
  13466  Defect- and Structure-Weakness-Localization On Power Semiconductors using OBIRCH (Optical Beam Induced Resistivity Change)
  13468  Microstructure Device Modifications by FIB: What a Device Designer should consider when asking for FIB Repair Support
  13472  Tomography studies of human foreskin fibroblasts on polymer yarns
  13477  Results of Comparative Reliability Tests on Lead-free Solder Alloys

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