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 Article list No 33 (article ID between 16001 and 16500)
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  16048  Weltraummission der Empa
  16050  Pressemitteilung_Weltraummission.pdf
  16051  Communiqué aux médias Mission spatiale.pdf
  16056  Mission spatiale de l´Empa
  16094  Titanium Alumina Ceramic Component
  16095  Brennbare röcke.pdf
  16141  Supramolecular Chiral Films
  16143  Structure of Si atomic chains grown on the Si/Cu(110) c(2x2) surface alloy
  16145  Dose-response functions for weathering steel, copper and zinc ob-tained from a four-year esposure programme in Switzerland
  16147  Runoff of copper and zinc caused by atmospheric corrosion
  16149  empa-dc-a124-2002-fas02-Adsorption and desorption of weakly bonded adsorbates
  16151  Analysis of the environmental parameters for aircraft coatings
  16153  Charge-carrier dynamics in single-wall carbon nanotube bundles: A time-domain study
  16155  Analysis of the environmental parameters for aircraft coatings
  16157  X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction: Probing Atom Positions and Molecular Orientation at Surfaces
  16159  Residual stress measurement on welded box beam section
  16163  A novel, short and repeatable two-carbon ring expansion reaction by thermo-isomerization: Easy synthesis of macrocyclic ketones
  16165  Short and versatile two-carbon ring expansion reactions by thermo-isomerization: Novel straightforward synthesis of (+/-)-muscone, nor- and homomuscones, and further macrocyclic ketones
  16167  Adhäsion als Grenzflächenproblem
  16170  Creation of nanostructures to study the topographical dependency of protein adsorption
  16176  The analysis of surface layers in the field of tribology using various IBA techniques
  16178  Microstructure-Property Relationship and Cross-Property-Correlations of Thermal Sprayed Ni-Alloy Coatings
  16233  Quantitative analysis of conductive coatings by radiofrequency-powered glow discharge optical emission spectrometry: hydrogen, d.c. bias voltage and density corrections
  16246  Mechanical properties of small devices: From nanoindentation to reverse analysis
  16252  Characterising the Radio Frequency Plasma Source for Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy
  16278  Schichtzusammensetzung qualitativ und quantitativ
  16280  Active Noise Control of Double Glazed Panel
  16282  Towards Fracture Mechanics of Thermally Sprayed Metallic Coatings Using Indentation Technique for Edge Chipping on a Micron Scale
  16286  Berücksichtigung der flankenübertragung bei prognosen für den Schallschutz im Hochbau
  16290  Kenngrössen (ISO 717)
  16296  Messung der Luftschalldämmung von Fassadenelementen und Fassaden am Bau
  16298  Vacuum Plasma Sprayed Coatings and Freestanding Parts of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy
  16300  Messtechnik (für Bauakustik)
  16304  Die Berücksichtigung der Messunsicherheit bei der Beurteilung von Messergebnissen
  16308  Messungen mit MLS (Maximum Legth Sequences)
  16314  Schallschutz zwischen Innenräumen
  16316  Matrix Chemistry Optimisation of Al Altex Composites
  16318  Schallübertragung durch Bauteile
  16320  Akustik von Schulzimmern und Auditorien
  16323  Lärmschirme an Strassen ? Akustische Quellenhöhe bei der Berechnung der Hinderniswirkung
  16325  Influence of SiC-Particle Size on Microwave Sintering
  16327  Evaluation of microwave-assisted processing of compacted me-tal/ceramic powder mixtures
  16329  Akustik von Schulzimmern und Auditorien
  16331  Magnesium und seine Legierungen
  16333  Installations de sonorisatio pour la parole
  16337  FLULA - Swiss Aircraft Noise Prediction Program
  16355  empa-dc-a1802-2002-002a-Bild 1
  16380  gu113-portrait-web
  16426  Zerstörungsfreie Radaruntersuchung von Verkehrsbauwerken.pdf
  16472  lip113-portrait-web
  16491  he113-portrait-web

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