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 Article list No 59 (article ID between 29001 and 29500)
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  29013  Peter Martina
  29018  Engineering Methodologies for Self-Organized, Swarm-Intelligent, Embedded Systems
  29021  Microstructured Organic Semiconduction Materials
  29024  Plasma Technologies for Waste Treatment and Pollution Control
  29027  The Translation of Science into Business
  29069  Merkblatt über die gutachterlichen Tätigkeiten der Empa.pdf
  29070  Note on Expertise Activities of Empa.pdf
  29071  Notice sur les activités d’expert de l’Empa.pdf
  29072  Foglio d’istruzioni riguardo le attività di perizia dell´Empa.pdf
  29089  Empa researcher appointed to Chair at University of Neuchâtel
  29108  Farshad-List of papers.pdf
  29109  Farshad-List of published books&.pdf
  29111  Resume Farshad-Who´s Who.pdf
  29112  Farshad-CV-english.pdf
  29113  Farshad-List of papers.pdf
  29114  Farshad-List of published books&.pdf
  29115  fd114-portrait-web (EN)
  29216  Analytics
  29220  Projects
  29226  Publications
  29240  Flyer CD-Röntgenfluoreszenz.pdf
  29241  Flyer CD-Topographie.pdf
  29455  Nanoindentation experiments: A versatile tool for investigating mechanical properties at small length scales
  29460  Heusler Compounds for Magnetoelectronics
  29477  BiologielaborantInnen-Lehre
  29493  Portrait of Mischa Classen

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