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 Article list No 66 (article ID between 32501 and 33000)
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  32527  Experiment_2.xls
  32528  a176-iea-task34
  32557  Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Where imagination, fascination and innovation come together
  32562  Funktionalisierung von Polymeren im Mikro- und Nanometer-Massstab durch Photon-induzierte Pfropfreaktionen
  32567  Von System Dynamics zu Multiagentensystemen
  32570  MeV Ion Beam Analysis of Materials
  32572  a131-perovkite
  32576  Communiqué aux médias 21 apéro scientifique la voiture deviendra-t-elle hors de prix?
  32577  communiqué aux médias 21e apéro scientifique la voiture deviendra-t-elle hors de prix?
  32579  Publikationen
  32587  Photovoltaics of the future
  32592  Poster Bologna 050111.pdf
  32597  6. EU-Rahmenprogramm Auf dem Weg zu extremer Wärmeleitfähigkeit ExtreMat
  32599  6th EU-Framework Programme Towards extreme heat conductivity ExtreMat
  32602  Positiver Umgang mit schwierigen ZeitgenossInnen
  32604  EMPA-VA-2005-04-07-02-de-zeitgenossen.pdf
  32612  Wissenschaftsapéro: Da ist kein Wurm drin
  32615  Wissenschaftsapéro: Schrott als Chance - Rohstoffe aus Elektronikabfall
  32618  Karriereplanung für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen
  32620  karriereplanung.pdf
  32621  photovoltaics.pdf
  32636  RFA Sustainable Built Environment
  32638  RFA Nanostructured Materials
  32640  RFA Natural Resources and Pollutants
  32642  Materials for Health and Performance
  32644  Materials for Energy Technologies
  32689  Research in Information and Communication Technologies
  32693  Sustainability in the Information Society
  32695  Towards a Sustainable Information Society
  32704  Precautionary Principle in the Information Society – Impacts of Pervasive Computing on Health and the Environment
  32708  The Future Impact of ICT on Environmental Sustainability
  32711  21st Science apéro Will the car become unaffordable?
  32713  Risks and Opportunities of RFID Technology Applications
  32715  The Impact of “Moore’s Law” on the Productivity of PC Workplaces
  32721  ke177-portrait-web
  32723  6e programme de recherche de l’UE Sur la voie des conductivités thermiques extrêmes ExtreMat
  32727  European thematic network PRESCO (Practical Rec-ommendations for Sustainable Construction). Comparison and benchmarking of LCA-based building related environmental assessment and design tools
  32734  Empa-Kolloquium: Scanning Force Microscopy in Surface Science and Magnetism
  32741  3D Whole-Body Scanner Benchmarking for SizeUK
  32744  Chloroparaffins in the environment – the real challenge for analytical chemistry (new methodology and first results from the North and Baltic Sea)
  32747  Closed loop feed control of bioprocesses
  32754  Electronic Waste Recycling projects
  32756  presco_slide_bologna.pdf
  32757  presco_summary.pdf
  32764  Alternative Financing Model for Sustainable Forest Management in San Nicolas
  32765  Approaching Technology Assessment from within Social Sciences and Humanities
  32770  Environmental Assessment of End-of-Life Treatment Options of Mobile Phone Networks
  32772  Environmental assessment of End-of-Life treatment options for a GSM 900 antenna rack
  32773  ICT Consumption Patterns in the Modern Infrastructure of Communities
  32776  Life Cycle Assessment of Window Framings
  32780  Alternative Financing Model for Sustainable Forest Management in San Nicolas
  32782  Research in forest and climate change
  32787  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of different cork floorings
  32789  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of different cork floorings
  32790  Ökobilanz von Korkfussböden
  32803  Überarbeitung von Altanstrichen
  32805  EMPA-VA-2005-04-28-02-de-VSKF.pdf
  32806  wissenschaftsapéro: Holzhaus.pdf
  32829  Portrait of Dr. Rolf Frischknecht
  32831  Ecological and economical assessment of the residential houses at München-Friedenspromenade
  32848  Ecological and economical assessment of the domestic buildings at München-Friedenspromenade (Summary)
  32853  Preliminary Study "Extension of Metal Life Cycle Inventories in Ecoinvent"
  32855  Methods of Inventorying Joint Metal Ressources in Life Cycle Assessment
  32857  Life Cycle Inventory Flows for Joint Metal Resources
  32858  Inventories and Impact Assessment for Traffic Noise in Generic LCA
  32860  On use and limitations of labels for building materials: requirements from a scientific viewpoint
  32861  Development of Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) of materials within "ecoinvent 2000"
  32865  Assessing the Effects of Telecommunication-Supported Dynamic Vehicle Routing Strategies
  32867  Dynamic Vehicle Routing.pdf
  32874  Fotoprojekt Fotowettbewerb (Kunst an der Empa-DU)
  32876  Ecoinvent 2000
  32877  ecoinvent - Switzerland’s life cycle inventory database
  32879  Teilnahmebedingungen-Foto.pdf
  32880  Formular-Fotoarbeiten.pdf
  32883  Research in Material Efficiency and Material Management
  32886  Forschungspfade-DU
  32888  Festakt 125 Jahre Empa.pdf
  32893  Research in Methodology of Life Cycle Assessment
  32907  Life Cycle Inventories of small scale gold mining in Peru
  32935  Research in Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials
  32937  Projects in the Environmental Risk Assessment and Management Group
  32939  Nanorisk: The Safety and Risks of Carbon Nanotubes
  32957  Fam-portrait-web

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