Ceramic-based Composites
Ceramic materials for energy technologies
Ceramic Microcomponents and Nanoceramics

Functional and Nano Materials

Group Leaders: 


Functional Ceramics

The focal point of the tasks lies in the interdisciplinary collaboration in the production of functional materials and composites. Developing prototypes of fibres, hollow fibers, foils and tubes is the main focus in the process development for developing novel system components.

Nano Particles and Nano Composites
Titania nano particles

Our competence is the synthesis of functional oxide nanoparticles by flame processes, their characterisation and processing. The particles are applied in polymer composites, coatings and ceramic components with the objective to create materials with new properties and therewith the potential für innovative applications and to obtain an added-value for the materials. We perform R&D collaborations in the frame of national and international projects with partners from industry and university. The projects are supported by our broad internal and external network.


Dr. Francesco Bozza, Scientist
Caroline Durif,  Scientist
Dr. Lovro Gorjan, Scientist
Dr. Yujing Liu, Scientist
Dr. Tony Lusiola, Scientist
Dr. Mark Melnykowycz, Scientist
Dr. Zoltan Nemeth, Scientist
Dr. Domenico Regonini, Scientist

Dagobert Scharf, Technician
Hansjürgen Schindler, Technician

Franziska Knies, PhD-Student
Eleni Mitrentsis, PhD-Student
Paulina Ozog, PhD-Student

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