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Stability & Kinetics
The group "Stability & Kinetics" focuses on the Thermodynamics of hydrides and kinetics of the hydrogen sorption.

On a first view, the stability and kinetics of a hydrogen storage material seem to be of less importance, as usually main emphasis lies on the storage density (see e.g. DOE benchmarks). However, materials with high storage densities are known, but they fail as a storage medium, because hydrogen absorption / desoprtion do not proceed under technically applicable conditions. The reasons are an unappropriate stability and/or sluggy sorption kinetics.

The group "stability & kinetics" investigates the stability of complex hydrides, and measures hydrogen sorption kinetics to enravel the hydrogen sorption mechanism in complex hydrides. These results are used to synthesize novel materials with improved hydrogen storage properties. The investigations are performed using a large variety of instruments. The development of new synthesis methods enables us to convert the analysis results into materials ready for application.

Current projects are:

  • Measurement of the thermodynamic properties of alkali boro-hydride (van ' Hoff plots) via pcT and DSC measurements,
  • Optical characterisation of metal hydrides
  • Measurement of the sorption kinetics and evaluation of the apparent activation energy of metal hydrides
  • Materials synthesis of novel hydrogen storage materials
  • Empirical simulation of the sorption kinetics
  • Measurement of the surface properties of light weight metal hydrides
  • Measurements of electronic properties of hydrides


New papers out:




Analysis and Optical Spectroscopy: Dr. Andreas Borgschulte, email:

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