Materials for Renewable Energy  
Hydrogen and Hydrides
Structure and Dynamics
Stability and Kinetics
Theoretical Modelling


The instrumentation of the Laboratory Hydrogen & Energy includes preparation, the measurement of bulk as well as surface properties.

For applied research for industries, SMEs, associations, federal agencies and private customers we offer a high-quality service for a modern and efficient testing and analysis of materials. Please contact Dr. Andreas Borgschulte for more information:

  • Ball-milling

Nano-particle production by high-energy ball-milling: Shaker-mill Spexx 8000, Planetary ball-mill Fritzsch

  • pcT-measurements

Thermodynamic characterisation by volumetric hydrogen sorption apparatus, developed by H&E

  • Scanning calorimetry

Thermodynamic characterisation by high-pressure differential scanning calorimetry (Mettler-Toledo)

  • Thermogravimetry

Thermodynamic characterisation by gravimetric hydrogen sorption apparatus (Rubotherm)

  • BET-measurements

Surface area determination by nitrogen adsorption measurements at 77 K: BELSORP-max (BEL, Japan)

  • X-ray diffraction

crystal structure determination by X-ray powder diffraction: Bruker D8 advance

  • Photoemission

XPS Surface chemistry measurement: Phoibos Analyzer (Specs), combined with

UHV Residual Gas analysis by mass spectrometry (Pfeiffer)

  • Electrochemistry

Electrochemical characterisation (impedance spectroscopy): Electrochemical Workstation (Zander-Elektrik)

  • Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry

TDS-apparatus (Balzers)


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