Mechanical Integrity of Energy Systems  
High Temperature Integrity
Elektromechanische Werkstoffsysteme

HTIG-Group (High Temperature Integrity)

Advanced high temperature testing

Thermo-mechanical fatigue, isothermal creep-fatigue, creep
- Uniaxial, instrumented-notched and fracture mechanics specimens
- Deformation, crack initiation, short and long crack growth


Material structure and high temperature damage condition characterisation

- Microstructural characterisation
- Comprehensive pre and post testing inspection
- Optical, electron microscopy (scanning, transmission)


Specialist analysis and modelling of high-temperature material property data

- Constructive equation modelling
- Advanced finite-element simulation
- Damage assessment (fatigue, creep, oxidation)

Defect-free' and defect assessment of high temperature components/structures

- Without and with finite element analysis
- For improved reliability, performance and efficiency


Dr S R Holdsworth
Group Leader (HTIG)
Mechanical Integrity of Energy Sytems
Überlandstrasse 129
CH-8600 Dübendorf
Tel: +41 58 765 47 32
Fax: +41 58 765 11 22

Publications and Conference Proceedings

Development of thermal fatigue damage in 1CrMoV rotor steel


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