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Training and Further Education @ Empa

A higher educational course at Empa

Empa supports the ETH Zurich and the EPF Lausanne, Swiss universities and the universities of applied sciences in the education of doctoral students. In the course of their PhD program students in the natural sciences or technical fields can undertake the project work for their theses at Empa. The PhD program provides a stimulating environment with enthusiastic academic staff where trainee scientists can absorb themselves in research projects and student work with a practical emphasis. Thanks to the applications oriented focus of the research, doctoral students have plentiful opportunities to make valuable contacts in partner organizations in industry.

Internships, bachelor or master thesis at Empa

At a regular basis Empa offers possibilities for students to do an internship or to take part in interesting research projects in order to write their bachelor or master thesis. All projects for students are announced on or For further information please contact the Empa laboratory most appropriate to your field of interest.

South Korean television broadcast of the documentary about a trainee at Empa.

An apprenticeship at Empa

Several Empa laboratories run training courses for apprentices. Qualified Apprentice Instructors and teachers take responsibility for the young trainees who have chosen professions such as Physics or Textile Laboratory Technicians. For further information click here.


A further education course at Empa

You have felt the pulse of technical developments and now wish to learn more by taking a further education course at the Empa Academy, the institution’s center for knowledge transfer. In seminars, courses and lecture series Empa scientists and experts from industry pass on to participants their practically oriented experience and know-how. The full range of events offered by our internationally recognized institution for further education in the natural sciences and technology can be found on the internet site of the Empa Academy.
Further education at Empa

Contact for the PhD-Program
Dr. Anne Satir
Empa Academy
Tel. +41 58 765 45 62,

Contact MNT Micro- and Nanotechnology
Dr. Dirk Hegemann
Empa contact person for queries relating to the MNT Master’s course.
Tel. +41 58 765 72 68

Official homepage with information on the international, part-time, master’s program for Micro- and Nanotechnology:

An apprenticeship at Empa

Contact Dübendorf
Nadja Nenzi
Vocational Training Coordinator
Tel. +41 58 765 41 57
E-mail: nadja.nenzi(at)

Contact St. Gall
Susanne Medgyesy
Vocational Training Coordinator
Tel. +41 58 765 71 22

Further Education at Empa

Dr. Anne Satir
Head, Empa Academy
Tel. +41 58 765 45 62

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