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Technology and Society Lab

The Technology and Society Lab (TSL) is Empa's interdisciplinary research unit which analyzes technologies embedded in social processes, focusing on the interactions among technology, environment and society with an emphasis on material flows connected with emerging technology applications. The Lab creates knowledge that supports industry in developing technologies that are beneficial and acceptable for society. It helps to minimize the risks of new technologies and contributes to sustainability by giving early warnings of critical developments in technology applications. The technological scope of the Lab is on Nano-, Energy-, Mobility- and Information and Communication Technologies. Most of our publications are available via our publications list. Furthermore, our list of PhD, Master and Bachelor Theses 2009 to 2013 gives another broad view of our activities.








Heinz Böni, Head of Laboratory in charge, Phone: +41 58 765 7858
Alexandra Schutzbach, Assistant, Phone: +41 58  765 7672, Fax: +41 58 765 7499

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