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Structures and Infrastructures

Our mission is to investigate and develop in a multidisciplinary team new and market compliant technologies for the construction industry that improve the erection, operation, assessment, control, strengthening and repair of large structures within the framework of environmentally sound and economically sustainable concepts.
Our vision is to develop these technologies by the integration of advanced materials, sensors, actuators, data processing and modeling technologies, and in cooperation with industrial partners to facilitate a fast introduction of new products and services into the market.
The goals of the new technologies are:

  • To assess, control and strengthen existing civil structures for longer lives and to assure that these structures withstand extreme loads caused by climate change (e.g. strengthening for  wind loads) or natural and man-made hazards (e.g. earthquake or fire)
  • To erect, operate and maintain new civil structures with minimal climate change impact (e.g. improving energy efficiency in construction, optimizing life cycle costs).



Bridge in Bauhalle

On the subject of road infrastructure the major research directions are development of sustainable performance-optimized multifunctional asphalt pavement materials and systems. Focus lies therefore on recycling and low energy asphalt as well as multifunctionality pavements that are not only serving transport of goods and persons but are also useful for other purposes such as noise reduction, energy harvesting, water retention, CO2 Storage, urban climate regulations etc.. This research implies also innovative accelerated full scale pavement testing and development of models for prediction of long term performance. It also means research for general improvement of the fundamental multi-scale understanding of pavements, in particular micro- and sub-micro-mechanisms.


Mobile Load Simulator (MLS 10)

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