Natürliche Ressourcen und Schadstoffe  
Sources, Transport & Assessment of Air Pollutants
Sustainable Mobility and Transport
Sustainable Production
Exhaust Gas Treatment
Impacts of Pollutants on Engineered Systems

Sources, Transport and Assessment of Air Pollutants
The goal of the Module 1 of the NAREP Focal Area is to understand and quantify emissions and sources of man-made pollutants into the atmosphere, by determining temporal and spatial variations of major environmentally relevant pollutants. The knowledge of the relevant fluxes of pollutants into the atmosphere, the dispersion and fate of the pollutants is essential for the
assessment of technical processes, emission sources, impact on humans and environment as well as for the early detection of changes of the atmosphere and biosphere.
Therefore we combine measurements of relevant pollutants (e.g. Nanoparticles, reactive gases, greenhouse gases and persistent organic compounds) with numerical model approaches on different scales from local to global.

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