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Sustainable Mobility and Transport
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Sustainable Mobility and Transport
Short- and medium term targets of the module:
The short and medium term target of the module is the demonstration of technical solutions for midsize passenger cars with CO2 emissions below 95 g/km (EU target 2020 for the new sold passenger car fleet) with a range from 500 km (highway driving) to 650 km (city driving). This target shall be achieved by using natural gas as fuel, a dedicated natural gas engine and an electrical hybridisation with 1-2 km pure electric range. A further CO2 reduction is resulting from the blending of natural gas with pre-processed biogas (expected to stay at about 10% blending until 2020).  

Mid- and long term targets of the module:
Mid- and long term targets of the module is the development of a new combustion process for gaseous fuels, using renewable gaseous fuels only as well as an energetic consequently optimised engine with methane/hydrogen mixture as fuel, completely de-throttled engine operation, friction reduction, lean burn or high-EGR concept, about 10 km pure electric range. In addition to these fuel and engine measures, a thermo¬electric onboard electricity generation as well as the integration of a solar roof is planned. The energetic consumption of such a vehicle is expected to be 35-50% lower than today’s best-available gasoline mid size vehicles. Assuming a 50% use of the today’s free Swiss biomass potential for the mobility with a 10% clean hydrogen blending, more than 1.2 Mio mid size passenger cars could be operated on a completely renewable Swiss fuel basis.


The continuous evaluation of the fuel path as well as of critical powertrain technologies (e.g. batteries, electric motor) using newest LCA models and data bases as well as stakeholder integration will prevent from unrealistic or probably false decisions. 



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