Natürliche Ressourcen und Schadstoffe  
Sources, Transport & Assessment of Air Pollutants
Sustainable Mobility and Transport
Sustainable Production
Exhaust Gas Treatment
Impacts of Pollutants on Engineered Systems

Sustainable Production
Production processes are relevant contributors to the global carbon balance and to environmental pollution - cement production e.g. induces 4% of global CO2-emissions. Consequently, the global increase in wealth demands for more efficient and less polluting production processes. Assessing overall benefits caused by single process improvements is however complex, as unwanted effects up- and downstream in the process chain might occur. Goal of the NAREP-module “Sustainable Production” is therefore the joint research on technical key process improvement combined with life-cycle based technology assessment.

Cement production (F. Winnefeld):
Substitution of  tricalcium silicate (3CaO•SiO2, C3S) by calcium sulfoaluminate, alkali activated slags, or fly ash

Road construction (M. Partl):
Using low quality, marginal materials (fly ash, sand, volcanic aggregates); Energy-efficient road construction; Reuse of pavement materials

Building components (H.-J. Althaus):
Reduction of impacts in production and use phase

Life Cycle Assessment (R. Zah, H.-J. Althaus):
Carbon footprints, environmental impacts, water footprint; Integration of indirect effects; Development of „Quick Check Tools“ (

Scarce Metals Assessment (P. Wäger):
Geological, economical, geo-political, technological and environmental scarcity assessment

Evaluation of End-of-Life Options (R. Widmer, M. Schluep):
Global modelling of eWaste streams and recycling options


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