Energy Use
Energy Conversion
Energy Storage

Energy and Sustainability

Supply, storage and use of energy takes place in a highly complex socio-technical system. This is e.g. true for the relation between electricity grid and electric mobili-ty but also for the rebound effects induced by increased energy efficiency.
Goal of this module is the assessment of materials for energy systems from a holistic perspective in order to evaluate mid- and longterm development trends towards sustainable energy systems. The activities take place on three different levels:

Process Level:
Sustainability assessment of specific energy conversion/storage/use technologies (PV cells, LiIon-batteries, fuel cells, electric drive trains).

Life-Cycle Level:
Life Cycle Assessment of energy value chains (mobility based on bioenergy, electricity  and hydrogen, stationary energy use), development of life cycle-based quick check tools: Sustainability Quick Check for Biofuels .

Assessing the future potential of various energy value chains, e.g. Technology Assessment of 2nd Generation Biofuels.


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