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 Nanostructured Materials  
 Sustainable Built Environment  
 Health and Performance  
 Natural Resources and Pollutants  
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 Departments and Labs  
 Advanced Materials and Surfaces  
 High Performance Ceramics  
 Functional Polymers  
 Synthesis of Organic Colorants  
 Organic Optoelectronic Thin Film Devices  
 Functional Coatings  
 Self-assembly and Nanostructures  
 Thin Films and Photovoltaics  
 nanotech @ surfaces  
 Nanoscale Materials Science  
 Mechanics Materials Nanostructures  
 Advanced Materials Processing  
 Joining Technologies and Corrosion  
 Civil and Mechanical Engineering  
 Mechanical Systems Engineering  
 Mechanical Integrity of Energy Systems  
 Structural Engineering  
 Applied Wood Materials  
 Building Energy Materials  
 Urban Energy Systems  
 Building Science and Technology  
 Concrete/Construction Chemistry  
 Road Engineering/Sealing Components  
 Materials Meet Life  
 Protection and Physiology  
 Advanced Fibers  
 Reliability Science and Technology  
 Mobility, Energy and Environment  
 Automotive Powertrain Technologies  
 Air Pollution / Environmental Technology  
 Advanced Analytical Technologies  
 Materials for Energy Conversion  
 Materials for Renewable Energy  
 Acoustics/Noise Control  
 Technology and Society  
 Marketing, Knowledge and Technology Transfer  
 Consulting and Information Center  
 NanoConvention 2009  
 NanoConvention 2007  
 Human Resources  
 Mechanical Engineering/Workshop  
 Internal rescue service  
 Empa Academy  

EmpaNewsletter No 25 published. Edition August 2015 main topic: «Unconventional Ideas»