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Materials for Energy Conversion


The Laboratory Materials for Energy Conversion is a new research lab at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, led by Dr. Corsin Battaglia.

  • Our Mission We strive to solve industry-relevant challenges for sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies through materials and device innovation.
  • Our Expertise Our laboratory possesses strong competencies in the synthesis and processing of functional electronic and ion conducting materials, the characterization of their structural, electronic, ionic and thermal transport properties, as well as their performance assessment in operational devices.
  • Our Research Our research aims at developing fundamental knowledge through experiment and modeling enabling new materials and processes that improve device performance, cost and reliability. We are currently working on the following application-driven topics:

  • High-energy density cobalt-free cathodes for Li-ion batteries
  • Fast solid state electrolytes for Li-, Na-, Mg-ion batteries
  • Oxynitrides for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
  • Membrane development for alkaline electrolysis
  • Oxide catalysts for low-temperature methanol steam reforming
  •  Carrier-selective oxide contacts for low-cost solar cells                 
  • Oxide thermoelectrics for >800°C
  • Half-Heusler thermoelectrics for 400-800°C

October 2015 Congratulations to Yuri for passing his PhD defense magna cum laude!

October 2015 Congratulations to Philipp for passing his PhD defense magna cum laude!

June 2015 Yigang and Arndt's paper made the backcover of the June issue of Chemical Communications

Mai 2015 Jagoda and Santhosh's paper made the cover of the May issue of Physica Status Solidi, Rapid Research Letters

December 2014 New paper in Appl. Phys. Lett. on selective contacts for solar cells in collaboration with Australian National University

September 2014 Management changes at Empa link

June 2014 Philipp Thiel was honored with the award for the best scientific poster «Manganese Oxides for Thermoelectric Power Conversion» at the 18th International Symposium of the Reactivity of Solids in Saint Petersburg

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Corsin Battaglia


Daniela Schmid (Assistant)

Materials for Energy Conversion

Empa – Materials Science and Technology

Ueberlandstrasse 129

8600 Dübendorf


Phone +41 58 765 4400



How to find us


tba 11:00 Anna Veron, Empa, Synthesis of highly ordered 2D-organic-inorganic perovskites, LA 373

10.11.2015 11:00 Anina Steinlin, Empa, CO2 emissions of electricity - what is important for Empa's new energy concept, LA 373

03.11.2015 11:00 Yujing Liu, Empa, TG/MS of redox reactions, LA 373

27.10.2015 11:00 Marco Pagani, ETHZ & Empa, Modelling of heat demand in Switzerland, LA 373

13.10.2015 11:00 Felix Schuler, QFD and FMEA - a short introduction, LA 373

06.10.2015 10:00 Hai Nguyen, University of Bern, Copper-related materials: From fundamental studies to applications in interconnect technology and renewable energy, LA 373

05.10.2015 10:00 Léo Duchêne, LBNL, Microstructure engineering of lead halide perovskites for photovoltaic and solar fuel production, LA 373

29.09.2015 10:00 Elsa Roedern, University of Aarhus, Complex hydrides for hydrogen storage and other applications, LA 373

15.09.2015 10:00 Adrià Garcia Gil, University of Zurich, Towards understanding layered double hydroxyde as oxygen evolving electrocatalysts, LA 373

08.09.2015 11:00 Yannick Gaudy, Empa & EPFL, Modelling of LaTiON PEC devices, LA 373

01.09.2015 11:00 Diana Davila Pineda, ETHZ, Thermoelectric microgenerators based on bottom-up silicon nanowire arrays: device integration, LA 373

28.07.2015 11:00 Jonas Bosshard, Empa & ETHZ, Fabrication of LaTiON photoelectrodes, LA 373

21.07.2015 11:00 Alexander Bonk, Empa, Chemical expansion and phase stability of doped ceria monitored by high temperature XRD, LA 373

14.07.2015 10:00 Yinglu Tang, Caltech & Northwestern University, Phase diagram study in skutterudites: a new approach for thermoelectric performance optimization, LA 373

07.07.2015 11:00 Shunsuke Kato, EPFL, CO2 reduction via metal hydrides, LA 373

30.06.2015 11:00 Dr. Dariusz Burnat, Empa and Prof. U. Vogt, Empa & University of Freiburg, Membrane development for alkaline electrolysis, LA 373

23.06.2015 11:00 Stéphanie Looser, University of Surrey, The role and dynamics of CSR in Swiss SMEs, LA 373

16.06.2015 11:00 Dominic Blosser, Empa & ETHZ, Spark-plasma-sintering of Ohmic contacts for Half-Heusler thermoelectrics, LA 373

09.06.2015 11:00 Prof. Parasuraman Selvam, National Center for Catalysis Research, Chennai, Nano- and nanoporous mateirals in catalysis, LA 373

02.06.2015 11:00 Highlights, 1st International Solar Fuels Conference

26.05.2015 11:00 Prof. Fokko Mulder, TU Delft, Li-ion batteries, Erismann room

12.05.2015 11:00 Director's visit, LA 373

05.05.2015 11:00 Prof. U. Vogt, Empa & University of Freiburg, Platelet reinforced polymer matrix composites, LA 373

21.04.2015 11:00 Highlights MRS spring, LA 373

07.04.2015 11:00 Eastern

31.03.2015 11:00 Kristaps Rubenis, Empa and University of Latvia, Sb-doping of SnO2 thermoelectrics, LA 373

24.03.2015 11:00 Highlights 90. DKG Annual Conference & Symposium on High-Performance Ceramics 2015, LA 373

17.03.2015 11:00 Dr. Björn Niessen, EPFL, Perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells: current status, challenges, and efficiency potential, Empa Akademie

10.03.2015 11:00 Alex Bonk, Empa, Ceria-based ceramic foams for solar thermochemical redox reactions, LA 373

03.03.2015 11:00 Ludmilla Steier, EPFL, Impedance spectroscopy, LA 373 

24.02.2015 11:00 Moritz Wehrle Empa, Nickel-based thin films grown by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition, LA 373

17.02.2015 11:00 Annika Maier, Empa,  Synthesis and characterization of doped ceria produced by wet chemical methods, LA 373

03.02.2015 11:00 Janis Locs, Riga Technical University, Calcium phosphate materials for regenerative medicine, LA 373

28.01.2015 11:00 Philipp Thiel, Empa, Pervoskite-type calcium manganites: influence of substitution on reduction, phase stability, and transport properties, LA 373

21.01.2015 11:00 Dr. Meike Schlupp, Empa, Metal oxide and noble metal thin films for energy applications deposited by a cost-effective CVD technique, LA 373

14.01.2015 11:00 Dr. Dariuz Burnat, Empa, Fundamentals of alkaline electrolysis, LA 373

17.12.2014 11:00 Alex Bonk, Empa, Solar thermochemical fuel production utilizing ceria based redox cycles, LA 373

10.12.2014 11:00 Dr. Arndt Remhof, Empa, Spectroscopy at large scale facilities: quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) and X-ray raman scattering (XRS), LA 373

3.12.2014 11:00 Dr. Yigang Yan, Empa, NMR shedding light on the reaction mechanism of metal borohydrides

29.10.2014 11:00 Dr. Mario Simoes, Empa, H2V3O8 cathodes for high-energy density Li-ion batteries, LA 373

10.10.2014 11:00 Dr. Jason Cooper, LBNL, Electronic structure and photocarrier dynamics in bismuth vandadate photoanodes , VE 102

8.10.2014 11:00 Dr. Ulrich Aschauer, ETHZ, Density functional theory calculations of defects and reactivity in transition metal oxides, LA 373

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