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Optische Mikroanalytik

Group for Ultrafast Spectroscopy

The kinetics of a chemical reaction is crucial to its relevance for practical applications. A mechanistic understanding of the underlying processes will help to improve the kinetics of such reactions. Starting from equilibrium thermodynamics, we access the elementary physical processes by studying the time dependence of the reactions on time scales ranging from femtoseconds to days. We focus on chemical reactions relevant to energy storage and catalysis applications, investigating solid state phenomena such as atomic and ionic diffusion, and phase transformations, and gas-solid interactions. Due to the compatibility of optical spectroscopy with applications in photovoltaics, solar water splitting, and chemically and optically switchable devices, an important aspect of our research is the study of photon-solid interactions.


PD Dr. Andreas Borgschulte, LA223

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials & Technology (Empa)

Ueberlandsstrasse 129, CH-8600 Duebendorf


Phone: +41 58 765 4639


Main Projects

Catalytic methanation of CO2 for energy storage.

Energy storage by chemical fuels is the most promising method meeting the huge storage capacity demand for seasonal renewable energy storage. Power-to-gas is one of the possible technical realisations.

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Optical spectroscopy for energy conversion and catalysis

Research on energy conversion and catalysis relies on the precise determination of chemical substances and their interaction in harsh conditions. We develop optical technology and measurement techniques for such demands.

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Laser produced plasma as ultra-violet radiation source for photo-electron spectroscopy

Photon-driven reactions such as solar water splitting take place on very short time-scales. The explanation of the functioning by the electronic structure of the photocatalysts must thus consider its changes on this time scale. For this we are developing a ns-pulsed UV light source of photoemission experiments.

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New papers out:

Closing the pressure gap in x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy by membrane hydrogenation, Renaud Delmelle, Benjamin Probst, Roger Alberto, Andreas Züttel, Davide Bleiner and Andreas Borgschulte, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86, 053104 (2015);


  • Head of Group
    • PD Dr. A. Borgschulte
  • Staff
    • Dr. R. Delmelle
    • Prof. Dr. B. Patterson
  • Master Students
    • Olga Sambalova


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