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Transparent organic photodiodes


Photodetectors are present in a vast variety of devices used in the fields of communication systems, safety and security, process control and environmental sensing. Organic photodetectors may be well-suited for applications that require large active area, mechanical flexibility, low-cost processing, or wavelength specificity. We fabricated transparent (average visible transmittance of 75%), sensitive (specific detectivity at 850 nm = 3 x 1012 cm Hz½ W-1 at -0.1 V) and fast responding (< 1 microsecond) organic photodectors and demonstrated such devices on large area (1.5 cm2) and on flexible substrates. Visibly transparent photodetectors can be combined with other optoelectronic devices and allow for new functionalities, such as image sensors or touchless interactive displays.

The picture shows a flexible organic photodiode with an active area of 1.5 cm2 and an average visible transmittance of 75%.





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