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Barrier Electrode Substrates



TREASORES is an EU funded project (FP7 contract number 314068) concerned with the cheaper production of large area organic electronics

such as lighting panels and solar cells. This will be achieved by developing materials and processes that are compatible with roll-to-roll processing technology,

in particular transparent electrodes, barrier foils and encapsulation layers.

The project is led by Prof. Frank Nüesch of Empa (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology).


Empa has built-up clean room facilities for lab-scale processing of organic solar cells and modules.

For the TREASORES project Empa concentrates on solution-processable organic and inorganic layers coated by spin-coating,

doctor-blading and slot-die coating on substrates developed and improved by the TREASORES consortium. cell_1.wmv cell_2.wmv

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