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Protection Layer for Ultrathin Glass Foils


Goal of the project is to produce ultra-thin glass laminates. The laminates should have an excellent barrier against water and oxygen while they are flexible and highly transparent. 
A possible application of the laminates is in technical products, where the protection of functional layers, like organic dyes, conductive polymers, organic and inorganic semiconductors, etc., is important.
To make ultra-thin glass processible, the improvement of the durability and the protection of the ultrathin glass sheet are essential. The basic aim of the project is thus to manufacture a stabilized laminate.
This project is collaboration with the swiss company Folex AG and funded by the CTI.

Figure: Schematic layout of a possible laminate.


Ihre Ansprechpersonen:

Dr. Thomas Geiger
Dr. René Schneider


Folex AG (







KTI ( KTI-Nr.172531PFIW-IW „Schutzlaminate für flexible Barrieren (Lambar)


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