Urban Energy Systems  
Sustainable buildings

Urban Energy Systems Laboratory

Our mission is research, development and technology transfer related to the following topics, with the aim to significantly contribute to the national and global transition to efficient, low-carbon energy technologies in the building sector.


Decentralized energy systems

We study decentralized, renewable energy systems at building, district and urban scale. We develop new methods, models and tools for the holistic analysis and optimisation of urban energy, comfort and utility.

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Seasonal heat and hybrid storage
We develop new technologies for long-term heat and hybrid (heat, electricity, gas) storage. Present work is focused on NaOH absorption based sea-sonal heat storage technology
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Sustainable buildings
We develop new building energy technologies and integrate them in research demonstration buildings such as self and NEST.
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Our core competences
-   Numerical energy systems modelling
-   Design and assessment of decentralized urban energy systems with focus on energy hubs, multi-energy grids, integration of renewable energy systems
-   Design and development of heat and hybrid energy storage components systems
-   Development and demonstration of advanced building and urban energy technologies
Link to ETH Zürich
Our research is in strong collaboration with ETH Zurich, Chair of Building Physics.
We also contribute much to the ETHZ Master Course in Integrated Building Systems.


Urban Energy System Laboratory

Ueberlandsstrasse 129

CH-8600 Duebendorf


Head: Viktor Dorer

E-mail: viktor.dorer@empa.ch


Assistance: Klara B. Krystal

Phone: +41 58 765 6015

E-Mail: klara.krystal@empa.ch


PhD students





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