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Contact information / locations (the three sites)


Empa Sites

  • Duebendorf
    Ueberlandstrasse 129
    CH-8600 Dübendorf
    (Address for GPS/sat nav: Eduard-Amstutz-Strasse, 8600 Dübendorf)
    Telephone +41 58 765 11 11
    Telefax +41 58 765 11 22
    Main connections to the Empa, location in Dübendorf as PDF-File

  • St. Gall
    Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
    CH-9014 St. Gall
    Telephone +41 58 765 74 74
    Telefax +41 58 765 74 99
    Main connections to the Empa, location in St. Gallen as PDF-File

  • Thun
    Feuerwerkerstrasse 39
    CH-3602 Thun
    Telephone +41 58 765 11 33
    Telefax +41 58 765 69 90
    Main connections to the Empa, location in Thun as PDF-File


How to find the right contact person!

  • The initial contact point for representatives from industry, commercial organizations SMEs etc. is via the Industry Portal.
  • The research areas guide visitors from the technical and other universities, and research organizations, to the scientific fields in which Empa is active.
  • Empa offers professional consultation services in all the scientific and technical fields in which it works. For details of the services offered, please see Services @ Empa.
  • Work @ Empa illustrates that Empa is an attractive, modern employer which offers its staff generous conditions of employment.
  • Further Education @ Empa shows how those thirsting for more knowledge can take advantage of the training and further education courses on offer at Empa.
  • Journalists, media professionals and photographic agencies will find more information and contacts in our Media corner.


Search functions on the www.empa.ch site

To find a particular Empa staff members, use the People Finder function. In order to find the right contact person within an organizational unit of the institution, follow the link to the Department and Labs.

Contact point for general questions about Empa

For more information, send us an email!
You can reach us at contact@empa.ch or by using the contact form.

Access to the world of Empa online

Click here to access Empa’s Departments & Labs web pages

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Location Dübendorf
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