Advanced Analytical Technologies  
Luft und Partikelanalyse
Umwelt Massenspektrometrie
Instumentelle Analytik
Optische Mikroanalytik

Advanced Analytical Technologies


Mission of the Laboratory

The Laboratory for Advanced Analytical Technologies (Abteilung 502) is strategically integrated within the labs of the Department for Mobility, Energy and Environment, while having demonstrated hub functionality to the larger EMPA mission. Our hub function is that of implementing unique analytical methods and tools for characterising front-end materials science applications. This activity enables significant collaborative exchanges with EMPA’s and international peers, consistently with our strong commitment to inter-laboratory cooperation. In this respect, our mission complements the EMPA motto, as we are “the place where innovation is proven”.

The key focuses of our Department, “Mobility, Energy and Environment”, are comprehensively covered by our groups. The “Mobility” focus is addressed by the “Air & Particle Analysis” group, the “Environment” focus is in the scope of “Environmental Mass Spectrometry” group, and the “Energy” focus, being wide in scope, under the attention of both the “Ultrafast Spectroscopy” as well as the “Optical Microanalysis” groups. Henceforth, the Laboratory for Advanced Analytical Technologies is a multidisciplinary unit addressing cutting-edge research, leveraging its competences for innovation in analytical science and instrumentation. Analytical transfer to society and industry is achieved through our service unit, especially for contracts of advanced, “market-hovering” character.

Prof. Dr. Davide Bleiner




Research Focuses

  • Capture, Conversion & Analysis (CCA)
  • Organic Pollutants & Environmental Nanoparticles (OPEN)
  • Enabling New Analytical Methods for Excellence (ENAMEL)
  • Bio-Analytical Methods for Materials Science (BIOMAT)
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