Ceramic-based Composites
Ceramic materials for energy technologies
Ceramic Microcomponents and Nanoceramics

Functional Ceramic Materials for Energy and Environment
Group Leader: Dr. Artur Braun  

Research Group Profile:

We research on renewable energy sources for a safe, clean environment and a sustainable energy economy. Focus is the discovery and elucidation of principal mechanisms which govern behavior and properties of ceramics, in particular the correlation between materials structure and transport properties for electrochemical storage and conversion systems, the interaction of surfaces with gases, liquids, light, and organic matter. For the understanding of structure-property relationships on the mesoscopic and molecular scale, we employ in-situ and operando synchrotron x-ray and neutron scattering and spectroscopy. We collaborate with high profile partners worldwide.


Our Fields of Activity


Dr. Debajeet K. Bora - Postdoc
Dr. Rita Toth - Scientist
Dr. Songhak Yoon- Scientist

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