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What is an RSS Newsfeed?

RSS stands for «Really Simple Syndication» and is a platform-independent electronic format which allows you to subscribe to a frequently updated news source. You will receive a summary message when new information (or an RSS Newsfeed) has been placed online at www.empa.ch. After receiving each new summary you can see at a glance the most important details, and can then decide for yourself whether to go to the complete report on the Empa homepage and read it in full.


What do I need in order to be able to read RSS News?

To subscribe to an RSS service and to read the data supplied you need a particular kind of program known as an RSS Reader (examples are RSSREader and FeedReader). You will find a list of free RSS Readers at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS. All the more recent web browsers such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari can be used as RSS Readers, and you can also administer and read RSS feeds in Outlook, Microsoft’s mail program.


How do I subscribe to Empa’s RSS Newsfeeds?

  1. Click on the link to the desired Newsfeed
  2. Click on «Subscribe» (Mozilla Firefox)
    if you are at the Empa homepage select «Bookmarks» then «Subscribe to this Page» (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

  1. Select the RSS Newsfeed in your prefered language. Copy the appropriate link into the Clipboard
  2. Paste the copied link into the Address Bar or the Favorites list of your RSS reader. (You can link to as many RSS Newsfeeds as you like).
  3. After you have updated your RSS Reader the RSS service you have selected will become available.


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