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Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)

Group for Emissions and Isotopes

Clean air is essential for our health and well-being, and the reduction of air pollution at its source the most efficient way to protect our atmosphere. This, however, requires precise knowledge of the emission sources. We provide cutting-edge analytical tools and technical know-how for their characterization and quantification. We serve the industry, policy makers and the public with a thorough understanding of anthropogenic and natural emissions.

Target oriented reduction strategies require a process level understanding of reaction mechanisms. This knowledge can be obtained using isotopic analysis of the key components to identify their precursors and trace transformation pathways. We are experienced partners to obtain and interpret such isotopic signatures in a wide range of processes.

Quantification of emissions

Anthropogenic gaseous emissions occur from a broad range of human activities, such as heating, transportation, agriculture and industrial production. Illustrative examples of our activities are listed below:

Emission from livestock - quantification of ammonia, dust and GHG emissions from animal livestock

FTIR method development for industrial partners, such as the semiconductor industry and waste incinerators

Optimization and assessment of road pavement technologies to minimize cost and health impacts

Isotopic analysis to identify source processes
P. Wunderlin et al. ES&T 2013

Isotopic composition analysis of trace gases is a valuable tool to identify educt materials and trace source processes. We are developing novel analytical techniques to foster the application of isotopic analysis in a number of projects:

The determination of biogenic vs. fossil CO2 emissions during waste incineration by 14CO2 analysis

Continuous and high precision measurements of CO2 isotopologues (12CO2, 13CO2, 12C16O18O) at the high altitude alpine research station Jungfraujoch

Laser spectroscopic analysis of the N2O isotopomers and isotopologues (14N14N16O, 15N14N16O, 14N15N16O, 14N14N18O) to trace N2O production pathways

High-precision analysis of CH4 isotopologues (12CH4, 13CH4, 12CH3D) by laser spectroscopy

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