Nanoscale Materials Science  
Forces, surfaces and magnetism
Molecular surface science
Nanostructured coatings
Magnetic thin films and devices

Nanoscale Materials Science

The section 203, "Nanoscale Materials Science" addresses scientific questions and technological problems in surface science and -technology, magnetism, nanoscience and –technology. Our interest ranges from the study of atomic and molecular nanosystems by means of advanced scanning probe microscopy, the fabrication of hard coatings, coatings for medical applications, magnetic thin films and devices, magnetic shape memory alloys, to surface analysis services by TOF-SIMS, XPS and scanning Auger.

The section 203 is organized in five research groups and has a strong link to the NCCR on Nanoscale Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and SwissProbe AG. The five research groups profit from staff with a background in solid state physics, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering and perform projects ranging from basic science to application oriented development including problem solving and analytical services for industry. For more detailed information follow the group links.

    Laboratory for Nanoscale Materials Science
    Empa - Materials Science & Technology
    Überlandstrasse 129
    CH-8600 Dübendorf

    Tel.: +41 - (0)58 - 765 1111
    Fax.: +41 - (0)58 - 765 4034

    - Prof. Dr. Hans J. Hug
      Head of Nanoscale Materials Science
      (Section 203)
      Head of Forces, Surfaces & Magnetism

    - Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ernst
      Head of Molecular Surface Science

    - Dr. Jörg Patscheider
      Head of Nanostructured Coatings

    - Dr. Laetitia Bernard
      Head of ToFSIMS 

    - Dr. Rowena Crockett
      Head of Tribology

    - Dr. Miguel Marioni
      Head of  Magnetic thin films and

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