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Nanostructured Materials
Sustainable Built Environment
Health and Performance
Natural Resources and Pollutants

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Research areas


Empa's Research Focus Areas

The priorities of Empa’s research are structured in five Research Focus Areas (RFA) with the following topics:

Scientific Publications

Doing research also means publishing results. The following documents give overviews of all publications authored by Empa staff, supervised by Library Lib4RI :

Facts and figures on the past year’s scientific output can be found here.

The Research and Development portfolio at Empa

Five specialist departments with 28 laboratories form Empa’s backbone. The web pages of the individual laboratories provide more information and details of the appropriate contact persons.


In the course of the Empa’s PhD program doctoral students in the natural sciences or technology can perform their thesis work at the institution. The PhD program offers students challenging, practically-oriented research and student projects in a stimulating environment with the support of enthusiastic teaching staff. The emphasis on practical applications allows the PhD students the opportunity to make valuable contacts in industry. For more information see

Empa Research Commission

The Research Commission advises Empa’s Board of Directors on general research related topics, on the selection of research and development areas and on the evaluation of internal R & D projects. The names of the members of the Research Commission can be found at


For more information, send us an email!
You can reach us at

Lib4RI — Library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL..

Empa Activity Report

An overview of the many different scientific themes in which Empa is active is provided by the annually published Activity Report.

Industry portal

The portal provides you with accurate information regarding particular technical questions, or about the opportunities for cooperative work with Empa.

Access to the world of Empa online

Click here to access Empa’s Departments & Labs web pages

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