Natürliche Ressourcen und Schadstoffe  
Sources, Transport & Assessment of Air Pollutants
Sustainable Mobility and Transport
Sustainable Production
Exhaust Gas Treatment
Impacts of Pollutants on Engineered Systems

Natural Resources and Pollutants


Every society requires resources and energy to cover its needs and dreams, such as heated or cooled buildings, individual mobility, food and goods for daily life. We promote a society that uses fewer natural resources and produces fewer pollutants by understanding the underlying physical and chemical processes and developing innovative technical solutions.
For that we investigate key processes like individual mobility or industrial production. These processes are accompanied by the release of numerous pollutants: greenhouse gases, volatile organic chemicals, particles and others. Many of those find their way into the Earth's atmosphere which is an important transport media. We investigate the distribution of these pollutants on different scales, from the flow around buildings up to the transport over continents. And we explore new ways and means to clean exhaust gases to lower the pollution of our environment.


Dr. Brigitte Buchmann

Phone: +41 58 765 4134


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