Energy Use
Energy Conversion
Energy Storage


What are the questions we deal with in the research focus area Materials for Energy Technologies?

How can the energy efficiency for buildings and for mobility be improved?

  • Which kind of advanced materials can contribute to the development of new energy conversion technologies?
  • What are the best future energy storage options?
  • How can renewable energy contribute to a sustainable energy future?
  • Which is the best way to create efficient and reliable energy systems?
  • What effects do new energy technologies have on the environment, society and the economy?


In a global average, each individual consumes about 17,500 kWh of energy annually for producing food and goods, for heating, cooling and mobility. In Switzerland, however, the figure is three times higher, i.e. well above the limit set as goal for the 2000 Watt Society and the corresponding 1ton CO2 emission from fossil fuels. Bringing down these figures requires new energy concepts and technologies. With a vision of reducing power consumption by two thirds, we are conducting research into advanced materials, processes and systems for the conversion and storage of energy. We are investigating ways to design more efficient energy systems, to reduce conversion losses and to increase exploitation of renewable energies while minimizing the risks posed by these new technologies through sustainability assessments.



Urs Elber

Phone: +41 58 765 42 21
E-mail: urs.elber@empa.ch

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