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Research group: Forces and surfaces

The group Forces and Surfaces performs basic research in the field of nanoscale science. A new UHV low temperature scanning force/field ion microscope (UHV-LTSFM/FIM) system is presently designed and assembled to study atomic and molecular nanosystems. The new UHV-LTSFM/FIM is suited for the measurement of structure, mechanical, electrical and magnetic phenomena on the scale of single atoms and molecules. Another sophisticated UHV low temperature scanning force microscope system (NCCR) and high-resolution magnetic force microscope (Nanoscan Ltd) is available at the University of Basel in the research group of the section head.



     + People
head of group:
          Prof. Dr. Hans Josef Hug   
- post-docs:
          Dr. Laetitia Bernard
          Dr. Andrew Norris
        - Ph.D students:
          Patrick Reissner
        - technicians:
Masch. Ing. FH Sasa Vranjkovic

     + Projects
        - 3D Nano Chemiscope
        - Multi-Dimensional Scanning Probe

     + Equipment  / Services
        - equipment
        - services


     + Publications

        - scientific articles     1990 - 2005
        - scientific articles     2006

        - scientific articles     2007

        - scientific articles     2008

    + Posters
        - EMPA related articles

     + Events / Visitors

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