Nanoscale Materials Science  
Forces, surfaces and magnetism
Molecular surface science
Nanostructured coatings
Magnetic thin films and devices

Research group: Nanostructured Coatings
Are you a physicist or just interested in the details? Then you probably want to see this part of the page. However, if you are not into science and just want to see want our work is good for, you may want to start here.


head of group:
          Dr. Jörg Patscheider
        - post-docs:

        - Ph.D students:
        - former group members:
Dr. Matthieu Diserens
          Dr. Franz-Josef Haug
          Dr. Willy Marti
          Dr. Thomas Zehnder

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        - equipment
        - services

     + Publications / Posters
        - publications (only references)

     + Events / Visitors 


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